05.07.18 OPSC (Orrisa) Current Affairs

ODISHA   Exports from odisha cross rs 52k cr   With better infrastructure and more facilities in place, exports from Odisha have crossed Rs 52, 000 crore during 2017-18.   Exports on both merchandise and services sector have registered growth resulting in a total of Rs 52,412 crore. This is 28 per cent growth over … Read more

04.07.18 OPSC (Orrisa) Current Affairs

ODISHA   Govt announcing health schemes sans facilities Without strengthening health infrastructure and public health system in Odisha, the State Government has been announcing programme after programme even without taking care of budgetary provisions.   The Government needs to lay a basic system to provide free diagnosis, free medicines and free treatments so that public … Read more

02.02.18 Orrisa(OPSC) Current Affairs

ODISHA   Odisha wins Geospatial World Excellence Award 2018   Odisha Government won ‘Geospatial World Excellence Award-2018’ for successful IT application for tracking of mineral production. The award was presented at the Geospatial World Forum Meeting held at Hyderabad, Telangana. The event was attended by more than 3,000 geospatial experts from 90 different countries. i3MS is GPS-linked … Read more

1.02.18 Orrisa(OPSC) Current Affairs

ODISHA Odisha, WB to hold first-ever joint coastal security exercise   The governments of Odisha and neighbouring West Bengal will soon organize a joint security exercise named as ‘Sagar Kavach’ to further tighten the existing coastal security mechanism along the 630 km long coastline.   “Sagar Kavach security exercise is a realistic drill to check the efficacy of … Read more

Orissa: languages and dialects

  There are various languages spoken in the state of Orissa. Oriya is the largest spoken language and also the State language of Orissa. There are many Local language of Orissa other than Oriya such as Baleswari, Bhatri, Laria, Sambalpuri, Ganjami, Chhatisgarhi, medinipuri, etc. Unique versions of Oriya are spoken by people of northern and southern hilly regions. … Read more

Orissa handicrafts

  Orissan craftsmanship is unique for its technical perfection and artistic excellence. The Orissan handicrafts, dominated by religious themes, are a fascinating combination of beauty, grace and utility. The creations are gorgeously alive, blending the modern with the traditional and the material range from grass to metal. The workmanship and skills of Oriya artists are … Read more

Relief and Structure of Orissa

  Orissa, situated on the eastern seaboard of India is one of the gifted parts of the world, where a gamut of mineral resources exist in bounty. The state is endowed with large reserves of bauxite, chinaclay, chromite, coal, dolomite, fireclay, graphite, gemstones, iron ore, limestone, manganese ore, mineral sand, nickel ore, pyrophylite and quartz. … Read more


Transport and communication is the basic infrastructural requirement for achieving rapid economic development. Adequacy of infrastructure in transport and communication sector is crucial for attracting investment. The ongoing economic reforms, therefore, attach high priority to development of transport and communication infrastructure. Development of transportation infrastructure is also essential for marketing of agricultural products and enabling … Read more

Orissa physiography

  Orissa extends from 17-degree 49 N to 22-degree 34N latitude and from 81-degree 27-E to 87- degree 29ŏ E longitudes on the eastern coast of India. It is bound by the States of West Bengal on the North East, Jharkhand on the north and Chhatisgarh on the West, Andhra Pradesh on the South & … Read more

Decision-Making: concept, process and techniques

  Decision making is an essential part of planning. Decision making and problem solving are used in all management functions, although usually they are considered a part of the planning phase. A discussion of the origins of management science leads into one on modeling, the five-step process of management science, and the process of engineering … Read more

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