dmpq-. Explain the reasons for India’s high NPA’s. Also discuss how does it impacts India’s Economy.

Possible reasons for NPAs Diversification of funds to unrelated business/fraud. Lapses due to diligence. Busines losses due to changes in business/regulatory environment. Lack of morale, particularly after government schemes which had written off loans. Global, regional or national financial crisis which results in erosion of margins and profits of companies, therefore, stressing their balance sheet … Read more

dmpq-Write an essay on Yes bank Crisis.

Yes Bank, started in 2004, is one of the new generation private banks that were allowed to start banking operations by Reserve Bank of India in the post-liberalisation era. The bank engaged in highrisk lending, providing loans to those who could not raise funds elsewhere. Loans not repaid is a major issue of most banks … Read more

dmpq-Discuss the problems faced by medical education sector in India.

. Medical education in India faces many issues, some of which are as follows: Inter-state and intra-state inequality in the distribution of manpower and resources There is a huge disparity in availability of opportunities for students across states. 2010 report by MHRD had stated that four states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu … Read more

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