Scheduled tribes of Odisha

Scheduled tribes of Odisha


Orissa has the biggest number of tribes; upwards of 62 as far as rate they constitute a great 24 percent of the aggregate populace of the state. These tribes for the most part occupy the Eastern Ghats slope run, which keeps running in the north-south bearing. The greater part of their populace is worried in three regions of Koraput (undivided), Sundergarh and Mayurbhanj.

The Sabaras of Orissa are the early admirers of Lord Jagannath and till today they have been performing overwhelming part in the religio-social standards of Jagannath sanctuary.

Since the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata, the tribals possess a putative part and the Jagannath clique of Orissa is joined with the tribal religion which has offered beginning to a worldview of absorption.

Tribals of Orissa areknown as Adivasi, Vanabasi, and Girijana.They are portrayed as aboriginals of Orissa in Anthropological writing. The Adivasi (native), Vanabasi (backwoods occupant) and Girijana (mountain tenant) constitute 22.13% populace of Orissa.

Out of 62 told Scheduled Tribes, just 8 Scheduled Tribes are pronounced as Primitive Tribal Groups by the Government of India. Those tribes are Juang, Bondo Poraja, Lodha, Didayi,Mankidia, Birhor, Kharia and Soura.

The financial existence of the Primitive Tribal Groups rotate round the timberland and the PTGs ofOrissa are not out of it.Forest sustains their life and the biotic and abiotic segments of woods nature satisfy their financial, bio-social, religio-social and psycho-social needs. They gather their fundamental pleasantries from the timberland and their financial life is intertwined with the backwoods eco-framework.


Numerous tribes, for occurrences, the Juanga, Bhuiyan, Saora, Dharua and Bonda, rehearse what is called moving development or Podu Chasa, otherwise called cut and consume. They select a plot of land and by and large on a mountain slant, slice down every one of the trees and hedges and consume them to fiery debris. Spreading the fiery debris equitably finished the land, they sit tight for the downpours previously planting their harvests. Because of development for a few seasons on one plot of land the dirt gets exhausted, so the tribal proceed onward. It is a lifestyle for them.

The center of tribal culture, the young quarters, is the biggest cottage in the town. It has just three dividers, lavishly improved with images speaking to creatures. The fourth side is open. By night residence is home to the young of the town. Be that as it may, prior and then afterward a hard day’s worth of effort, individuals accumulate here to visit and unwind. The committee of senior citizens meets here too to talk about issues identifying with the welfare of the town. The open space in textual style of the quarters is the place young people and ladies hit the dance floor with desert each night.

The week by week markets or HAAT is additionally an existence line for Tribes where they player their week by week needs as well as an incredible meeting point to share a drink .The Tribes in Odisha are likewise known for their celebrations which is for the most part associated with gathering or yields according to season.They supplicate mother earth and sky like animist and has faith in give up.


Below is the list of scheduled tribes of Odisha, which is recognized by government of India.

  1. Bagata, Bhakta
  2. Baiga
  3. Banjara, Banjari
  4. Bathudi, Bathuri
  5. Bhottada, Dhotada Bhotra, Bhatra, Bhattara, Bhotora, Bhatara
  6. Bhuiya, Bhuyan
  7. Bhumia
  8. Bhumij, Teli Bhumij, Haladipokhria Bhumij, Haladi Pokharia Bhumija, Desi Bhumij, Desia Bhumij, Tamaria Bhumij
  9. Bhunjia

10.Binjhal, Binjhwar

11.Binjhia, Binjhoa


13.Bondo Poraja, Bonda Paroja, Banda Paroja



16.Desua Bhumij

17.Dharua, Dhuruba, Dhurva

18.Didayi, Didai Paroja, Didai

19.Gadaba, Bodo Gadaba, Gutob Gadaba, Kapu Gadaba, Ollara Gadaba, Parenga Gadaba, Sano Gadaba 20.Gandia


22.Gond, Gondo, Rajgond, Maria Gond, Dhur Gond





27.Kandha Gauda

28.Kawar, Kanwar

29.Kharia, Kharian, Berga Kharia, Dhelki Kharia, Dudh Kharia, Erenga Kharia, Munda Kharia,Oraon Kharia, Khadia, Pahari Kharia


31.Khond, Kond, Kandha, Nanguli Kandha, Sitha Kandha, Kondh, Kui, Buda Kondh, Bura Kandha, Desia Kandha, Dungaria Kondh, Kutia Kandha, Kandha Gauda, Muli Kondh, Malua Kondh, Pengo Kandha, Raja Kondh, Raj Khond

32.Kisan, Nagesar, Nagesia


34.Kolah Loharas, Kol Loharas


36.Koli, Malhar


38.Kora, Khaira, Khayara



41.Koya, Gumba Koya, Koitur Koya, Kamar Koya, Musara Koya


43.Lodha, Nodh, Nodha, Lodh




47.Mankirdia, Mankria, Mankidi

48.Matya, Matia

49.Mirdhas, Kuda, Koda

50.Munda, Munda Lohara, Munda Mahalis, Nagabanshi Munda, Oriya Munda


52.Omanatya, Omanatyo, Amanatya

53.Oraon, Dhangar, Uran


55.Paroja, Parja, Bodo Paroja, Barong Jhodia Paroja, Chhelia Paroja, Jhodia Paroja, Konda Paroja, Paraja, Ponga Paroja, Sodia Paroja, Sano Paroja, Solia Paroja




59.Saora, Savar, Saura, Sahara, Arsi Saora, Based Saora, Bhima Saora, Bhimma Saora, Chumura Saora, Jara Savar, Jadu Saora, Jati Saora, Juari Saora, Kampu Saora, Kampa Soura, Kapo Saora, Kindal Saora, Kumbi Kancher Saora, Kalapithia Saora, Kirat Saora, Lanjia Saora, Lamba Lanjia Saora, Luara Saora, Luar Saora, Laria Savar, Malia Saora, Malla Saora, Uriya Saora, Raika Saora, Sudda Saora, Sarda Saora, Tankala Saora, Patro Saora, Vesu Saora

60.Shabar, Lodha


62.Tharua, Tharua Birdhani

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